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Why Saturnwebstudio?

Probably You want to take your website more and more popular for the visitors to promote your products, services or even yourself. Saturnwebstudio provides you support exactly with this. After the measuring of your need it contributes with ideas , advices, concepts to creation of  a user-friendly, unique website.
Beside to the website building the communication with the clients is also very important point during the full workflow which needs a lot of experience. Bringing this to the fore I keep continous contact with my customers since the requests until the handover of site, answer every questions and comments as fast as possible. I try to schedule every orders on a best way against to competitive price.

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Work together with  Saturnwebstudio and choose from the below services:


Unique logo and image design

A good website catches the eyes of the user’s, increases the interest about the product or service. If you want to sell a good quality and cheap product, the customers will not buy it if your marketing is not matching with the target customers. You must use different color, type of letter, style in case of women, different ones for men. This situation is the same if we speak about the age of the costumers. Taking these factors into consideration I create a perfect combination which makes your logo and website image unique and eye-catching.

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Domain and storage registration

The website needs a domain name that you type into the browser get available for everyone. Furthermore, the finished content must be uploaded to a hosting server that provides for you the 24/7 availability. Saturnwebstudio does both registration as the first step during the website building or the webshop making and the first year renting is included in the agreed price. Read more about domain name and  hosting service !


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Website building

How can your buyers get information most easily about your product or service? The answer is simple: they use the internet. During browsing the first impression has a big role in the judgement. If the visitor did not find anything after browsing or the website did not seem reliable, the judgement will be negative about your brand. No doubt, the online presence is essential. The best online marketing device is premium, eye-catching and transparent website with all necessary information. I am going to help you to create this with my creativity and technical knowledge based on your given ideas. I am sure the result will be your marketing-workflow’s most important tool. I manage it with WordPress software that had been used for over 70 millions of websites. Furthermore I can improve your website with a multilevel menu, Youtube-videos, searcher, picture and video gallery, and many other useful or fancy tools.

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Webshop building

In 2018 online shopping’s revenue grew by 12% according to the previous year, and the trend goes on. Do you know the reason? One of them is a large scale of options on the internet against the shop’s shelves. The next one is you can almost buy everything sitting in your couch, even at holidays and the carrier brings it to your door soon. Really comfortable. No doubt, nowadays if you want to be competitive with your product or service you will need a webshop. I can help you to create this. I manage the uploading of pictures and product-descriptions to the site, connect it with an invoicing program and a payment service, manage the GDPR.  About the purchases and number of visitors you will get a detailed statistic visualization.


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Search Engine Optimization

People reach your website mostly through social network links or key-words written into browsers. In return for paid-advertising visitors will easily see your website but in long-term run it is worth to take it “Search Engine friendly”. The goal of SEO is to your website locates on Google’s key-words list in the first few rank. In this race for the eminent position I help you to comply with the rules such as enough amount of quality content, fast loading speed and regardful website build-up (technical SEO).

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Optimization for mobile phone

In 2019 52% of internet users opened websites with their mobile phone. This number is enough demonstrative for you to see a mobile-friendly website is unavoidable. A website designed for computer and laptop is different than a tablet or mobile-designed ones because the screen ratio is distinct and more space needed for touchable active elements. On a mobile-friendly website the visitor can orient easily, looking for information, read content, purchase. I create such a responsive website that flexibly fits to every screen resolution avoiding content loss and make the navigation easy.

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Website maintenance, update

If you already have a website but you want to change its content, build-up or make it faster I can help you.

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Safe working

I do everything in favor of being your website resistant against hacker attacks. Build a firewall, filter the spam comments and make continuous security savings.

Flow of website building:

Common work can be separated to 6 different sections:


1. Survey of needs, consultation

I monitor your needs and concepts via phone or skype. We work out ideas, alternatives and if you choose me to make your website we sign the contract.

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2. Planning

After the receiving of deposit, I start to work on your website’s structure, image. The type of fonts, colors will be chosen, contents will be composed.

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3. Building of the website

The finished contents, design elements will be uploaded to your website.
I do the SEO settings to become the pages available for everyone via computer, tablet and mobile too.


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4. Correcting and modification

During the next consultation I show your website. Based on your request I perform some smaller modification.

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5. Testing

The finished site will be tested through 3 different kind of browsers and on mobile as well. I check the links and the loading speed too. 

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6. Transaction

If you are satisfied with my job after the receiving of whole amount I activate the website. You get the admin permission and a training about the usage of basic handling.

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